Executive Summary: Monitoring and evaluation of Thailand’s global health initiatives

The Thai government introduced its first Global Health Strategic Framework for 2016 to 2020 in 2016, under the cooperation between the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other sectors involved in global health initiatives. This was to promote policy coherence across sectors and enhance the country’s health security, which can contribute to sustainable economic and social development. It also aimed at enabling Thailand to play a leading role in global health policy issues. In order to accomplish the goals of the global health strategic framework and effectively implement the strategy, the development of a monitoring & evaluation (M&E) mechanism is required as a tool to monitor progress and evaluate outputs of the plan.

This study aimed to review monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frameworks implemented in other countries. Information obtained from this review will be used to support the development of an M&E mechanism and framework for the Thai global health strategic framework. Researchers employed descriptive literature search and review to obtain the required data. The review results were grouped into two categories: 1) M&E mechanisms implemented in seven countries, namely Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA; and 2) case studies of M&E frameworks used to evaluate three global health issues, i.e. communicable disease surveillance, prevention and control of HIV/TB, and health systems strengthening, which were developed and promoted by the World Health Organization, Global Fund, and their partner organizations.

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